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Prague – the Czech Republic. On Saturday 1 August 2020, the first friendly floorball match between Czech and Slovak fans of San Jose Sharks and Vegas Golden Knights took place. This match was organized by facebook fans pages for slovak and czech region. Our boys created a team of four players from Slovakia and six from the Czech Republic. Our opponent was the first to score, but Sharks put in their best efforts and the first period finished with a draw 2:2. “The opponent is very well-prepared and doesn’t go easy on us. Vegas fans are young boys and some of our players could be their fathers”, said Petr Galíček, who was Sharks’ coach.

In the second period, both teams were equally strong, but we got in the lead. This didn’t last long and by the time the second period finished, the other team was in the lead again. After two periods, Vegas fans were winning 4:3. “It’s a good game and despite clear differences in age and fitness levels, we feel that we can beat Vegas. Some of us are low on energy, but we will fight until the last second,” said Juraj Mihálik, who scored a goal for us, after the first two periods.

At the start of the third period, our boys scored to 5:5. However, this period and the entire game was affected by a 2-minute penalty of one of our players. Our goalie and defence played fantastically and we didn’t let the opponent score. But then it was clear our players were tired and another Vegas’ goal was hanging in the air. Vegas scored a few minutes before the end of the game. Sharks couldn’t retaliate and Vegas added one more goal, with the final score 5:7. Our boys fought like lions, but it wasn’t enough to beat Vegas young boys. Despite defeat, we had a great day in a beautiful city.

SHARKS lineup

David Laporčák (CZ) (G)

Daniel Černý (CZ) 2+1

Dominik Pacher (SR) 1+1

Matouš Forman (CZ) 1+1

Juraj Mihálik (SR) 1+0

Andrej Krchňavý (SR) 0+1

Michal Tesař (CZ) 0+1

Ján Arbet (SR) 0+0

Petr Žák (CZ) 0+0

Zdeněk Hlava (CZ) 0+0

Kristián Perlín (CZ) 0+0

Petr Galíček (CZ) (Coach)

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