On 26 November 1961, when Gordie Howe broke the record in the number of NHL games played, nobody knew that the record will not be broken for the next 59 years. Several players, including Mark Messier, Jaromír Jágr or Ron Francis were really close to breaking it, but the record was finally surpassed last night when Patrick Marleau played his 1768th game and became the new all-time leader. Maybe it’s destiny, but when Sharks joined NHL, the first player to wear the turquoise jersey was Gordie Howe who helped introduce the new team to the public. And now Mr. Hockey […]
  • New season
    The 2020/21 season starts soon. Let’s have a look at what happened in the team last year and what we can look forward to in the new season. The 2019/20 season was affected by injuries, unstable performance and suspension due to global COVID-19 pandemic. For all fans, the last season was definitely a disappointment. We could even say that it was one of the worst seasons since 1996-97. The only positive thing were penalty kills, where Sharks were the best team in the league. Sharks finished the season as the 15th and last team in the Western Conference with 63 […]
  • Floorball match between Sharks and Vegas fans
    Prague – the Czech Republic. On Saturday 1 August 2020, the first friendly floorball match between Czech and Slovak fans of San Jose Sharks and Vegas Golden Knights took place. This match was organized by facebook fans pages for slovak and czech region. Our boys created a team of four players from Slovakia and six from the Czech Republic. Our opponent was the first to score, but Sharks put in their best efforts and the first period finished with a draw 2:2. “The opponent is very well-prepared and doesn’t go easy on us. Vegas fans are young boys and some […]
  • Mountain Sharks
    High Tatras – Slovakia. Kriváň is an impressive peak in the western part of the High Tatra mountains and a symbol of the High Tatras in Slovakia. It is also an unofficial symbol of Slovaks’ freedom and Slavic cohesion. Kriváň is officially the 10th tallest peak of the High Tatras with an altitude of 2495 metres and it is also featured on Slovak euro coins (1, 2 and 5 cents). The first written record of a climb to Kriváň dates back to the 18th century (August 1773). Five of our boys from Slovakia decided to climb the mountain to do something […]