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High Tatras – Slovakia. Kriváň is an impressive peak in the western part of the High Tatra mountains and a symbol of the High Tatras in Slovakia. It is also an unofficial symbol of Slovaks’ freedom and Slavic cohesion. Kriváň is officially the 10th tallest peak of the High Tatras with an altitude of 2495 metres and it is also featured on Slovak euro coins (1, 2 and 5 cents). The first written record of a climb to Kriváň dates back to the 18th century (August 1773).

Five of our boys from Slovakia decided to climb the mountain to do something good for their health. The aim seemed simple – to climb Kriváň in San Jose Sharks jerseys. The day started very early, at 5 in the morning. Dominik, Ján, Juraj, Andrej and Pavol started their journey from Štrbské pleso lake. “We came from all parts of Slovakia. This is my fourth climb to Kriváň, but it’s the first time for some of the other boys,” said the most experienced crew member Pavol.

The weather changed a lot during the day. At the beginning, it was sunny with a temperature close to 30°C, but the last period was foggy with rain and snow. The boys struggled but their obligation to come back to their families was stronger. “A strong wind blew under the top and we had to stop. The weather was our enemy and in the middle of our climb, we heard that there was an injured hiker just under the top,” said one of the participants. Our boys put on their jerseys a few dozen metres under Kriváň’s top and of course they attracted other hikers’ attention. They congratulated them on their efforts and gladly helped them take pictures. We would like to thank Dominik, Ján, Juraj, Andrej and Pavol for their efforts to promote our team San Jose Sharks and as they said, they are ready to return to the High Tatras and conquer Kriváň.

Photogallery here.

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